Things to Look for in a Roofing Contractor 

Almost every homeowner does not have knowledge of roof repairs or replacement. Most of them are anxious to face problems relating to roofing. Luckily, there are a lot of roofing contractors out there who are willing to help homeowners.  


When scheduling a roofing project, there are a lot of factors you have to think about. This includes which roofing contractor you’ll hire, ideal materials to use, and proper installation. The most important factor is the roofer Topeka 

When looking for a contractor, you need to find the right one. Here are several tips you can follow: 

Do Not Hire Storm Chasers 

You should be wary if you have had a catastrophe such as a tornado, flooding, or major storm. You should not hire people who knock on doors to market their services after any of these events. A lot of these roofers would say that you’ve got damage on your roof caused by the event and will force you to sign a letter of intent.  

You shouldn’t be scared of their tactic. Instead, you should look for other contractors. Hire a roofer who’s recommended by people around you.  

Conduct a Background Check 

A roofing contractor will not be offended when you conduct a background check. This is particularly true if he/she has nothing to hide. You’ve got to know the number of staff they’ve got and conduct a financial assessment of your possible roofers. This could help you avoid possible legal or financial problems in the future 

Call References 

Call past clients if possible or read reviews. This will help you get an idea of what working with this Topeka roofer will be like. With this, you’ll know how cost-effective, fast, and reliable a roofing contractor is. You can ask the references if they’re satisfied with the work if the price was fair, and how long it took to finish the job.  

An expert roofer will provide you a list of clients who are happy with their services and have agreed to act as references. You have to avoid a roofer if they cannot offer information about their previous customers.  

Verify Insurance 

Proof of insurance is vital. However, it’s sometimes a neglected step when looking for a roofing contractor. Once you find a contractor you want to hire, ask that they show their liability and general insurance certificate before hiring. 

Also, you need to contact the insurance company to confirm if the policy exists and to know what it covers. This benefits both the contractor and the homeowner. If you hire a roofer without insurance, you’ll be held liable in case an accident happens. 


Direct referrals from individuals you trust such as your family, neighbors, or friends are the ideal way to hire an excellent roofer. When you ask around, there may be someone who has recently replaced or fixed their roof. Know if they’re satisfied with the overall service of the roofer and ask about the quality of the final product. Also, you can ask the hardware store or home improvement in the area to refer to a reliable roofer 

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