Benefits and Drawbacks of Winter Roof Replacement 

Choosing to replace your old roof with a new one can bring a lot of advantages. This includes improved aesthetics, enhanced energy-efficiency, and much more. In addition to that, you get peace of mind knowing that your roof is new and won’t experience any issues. However, after you choose to replace your old roof, there’s another thing you have to decide. When should you replace it?  


Is it wise to go for a roof replacement during winter? So, before you hire a professional roofer Topeka KS, we’re going to share with you the pros and cons of winter roof replacement.  

Pros of Replacing Your Roof During Winter 

You may not consider it at first. However, there are a couple of benefits you can get if you replace your roof during the winter season. A couple of things that you may find very appealing include: 

  • Simple Scheduling 

There is a high possibility that you have vacation time to work with during winter. For those who don’t know, roofing companies don’t have a lot of projects during the cold months. Because of this, you can easily schedule your roof replacement project without any problem. You’ve got a lot of free time and most roofers aren’t fully booked. 

  • Surety of Service 

Summer and spring can be the busiest seasons for a contractor when it comes to roofing projects. This can include both installation and repair. Because of this, it might be easier for you to do your roof replacement project during the off-season. With this, the roofing company has more time to plan around your needs. They can also provide special accommodations.  

Possible Cons of Replacing Your Roof During Winter 

You may be thinking that the cold months are the ideal time after reading the benefits mentioned above. However, that is not always the case. You should always keep in mind that it isn’t perfect and roses if particular things don’t place nice. There are a couple of problems you have to consider as well. This includes: 

  • The Weather 

An expert roofing contractor will try to plan the design and construction of your roof around what the weather will allow for. However, issues happen on occasion. A strong wind storm or snowstorm can delay your project for hours or days. It might even take weeks. Of course, it isn’t much of an issue if you are ready to deal with it. The advantages you’ll get will still outweigh the problems by a lot. However, it is worth keeping in mind.  

  • Material Problems 

Particular materials can be an issue to work with during the cold months. This is particularly true for cedar shake and asphalt shingle. The biggest problem is the application of the seal. It may take longer than normal and the seal can take longer to set. However, working around the problem is typically simple. This is particularly true if you hire an experienced roofer.  

Keep in mind that a roofer can plan around these problems. They shouldn’t really be a major deterrent for your project.  

When Should Replace Your Siding?   

A high-quality and premium siding can make your house appear excellent. In addition to that, its main purpose is to protect and insulate the interior of your house. Unfortunately, premium and high-quality siding is a major investment. If you’ve got a tight budget, you do not want to regularly replace your siding, right?  


Because of this, most people often have a difficult time figuring out when they should replace their siding. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of indications that show it is time to replace your siding Salina KS. 

When Should You Replace Your Siding? 

If it is time to replace the siding of your house, it will typically show obvious indications. Whenever you do notice these signs, you should not hesitate to hire a professional siding company for help. The most common and obvious indications include: 

  • Low Home Comfort or Drafts 

The truth is that there are a lot of possible causes for drafts. This includes bad windows, exterior wall damage, and much more. However, it should be the first thing you think about as the cause of the problem if your siding has recently taken on some type of damage or if it’s a bit on the older side.  

  • Aging 

For those who don’t know, there isn’t any definitive timeframe for siding replacement. For a couple of houses, siding can last for 15 years. On the other hand, some can last for more than 20 years. The best answer here is after around 8-10 years. If this is the case for you, you should start regularly inspecting your siding to catch issues early.  

  • Mildew, Mold, and Dry Rot 

There are a couple of sidings out there that are prone to accumulating mold and rot over time. This is particularly true for wood sidings because they’re cellulose-based materials. This can result in an unappealing issue that will only get worse with time. 

  • Cracking 

It may be fine if your siding has only taken a little damage. Sometimes, you can easily fix minor chips and cracks. However, you shouldn’t allow too much damage to stick around before you choose that it is time to go for a complete siding replacement.  

Is Siding Replacement Vital? 

Of course, there’s an aesthetic aspect to the entire thing. Damaged and old siding is a bit unappealing. This can really affect the curb appeal of your house. However, aside from making your house cohesive and beautiful, siding also serves a couple of other functions. If you fail to replace your siding, it can result in major problems.  

  • Protection from the Sun 

Direct exposure to the sun tends to take its toll on virtually anything. The only thing that keeps your exterior walls from getting damaged is your siding.  

  • Insulates Your House 

For those who don’t know, your siding can also offer a major improvement in the energy-efficiency and comfort of your house.  

  • Protection from Water Intrusion 

The first line of defense of your house when it comes to snow and rain is your siding 

Should You Replace Your Siding, Window, or Roof First? 

After a cold and long winter, one of the best ways to greet the spring season is to do a spring remodel. Sometimes, the harsh winter can cause some damage to your house. As every single thing starts to thaw out in spring, it’s the ideal time to begin thinking about home improvement projects. Do you want to replace your windows? Perhaps you’re planning to change your siding? Is your roof in need of a major replacement?  

However, you can’t just tackle all these projects together. You’ve got to do them one by one. So, what should you do first? Should you start with your siding Moore OK, window, or roof? Here are some things to consider: 

Siding Upgrade 

One home improvement project you can tackle this spring is upgrading your siding. It’s probably one of the best spring home improvement projects you can do. However, a lot of homeowners tend to ignore this. Aside from offering unique charm and character to your house, a siding also protects your home’s interior from the elements. Siding is what protects your home’s interior from pests, insects, low/high temperatures, moisture, humidity, and rain. Because of this, it’s extremely crucial to make sure your siding is updated and in excellent condition. 

Oftentimes, old siding can allow rain to seep into the windows of your house. This can possibly lead to major structural damage. This type of damage is often obvious. However, it can also be hidden in plain sight. You won’t notice this damage unless you get rid of the siding. If you are planning to upgrade your siding, it’s typically possible to fix these damages from the outside.  

New Windows 

Another spring remodel project you can consider is your windows. A lot of homeowners often replace their windows during spring.  

There are many advantages you can get if you replace your windows. First, you can achieve the aesthetic look you want for your house. This is particularly true if you haven’t replaced the windows ever since you bought the house. Luckily, modern windows are very versatile nowadays. They can adapt to fit any taste and style. Window frames also come in a huge variety of finishes and colors.  

Furthermore, you can add comfort to your house if you install new windows. The reason for this is that most modern windows have noise-cancellation features. They can reduce or totally get rid of the noise from the outside.  

Roof Replacement 

One of the greatest home improvements you can make is a roof replacement project. Aside from enhancing your home’s look, it can also improve its energy efficiency. In addition to that, it adds great comfort and safety. 

It’s important that we consider how we treat the environment. Unfortunately, old roofing systems were made without thinking about the environment. Nowadays, there is a lot of cost-saving and eco-friendly features you can get from modern roofing systems. These features can keep a constant temperature in your house year-round. This lowers the need for heating and AC. Thus, you can save money in the long run.